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Imagine able to overcome bad habits like nail biting, hair pulling, or emotional eating, quickly, safely, and naturally….

If you have struggled to overcome a bad habit only to fail time and time again, you may ask yourself –

How can I stop this bad habit when I hardly realize I do it?

I have tried products to help me stop a bad habit, how come they don’t work?

I have stopped a bad habit for a while, so why when I feel stressed do I automatically do it again?

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If you struggle with bad habits like pulling your hair or eyelashes, or biting your nails, you know that these habits can be extremely difficult to stop. Often you don’t even realize you are doing them until it’s too late. How many times have grown your finger nails, only to chew them off when you get upset, stressed, or angry? You’re not the only one to struggle with these types of bad habits. In fact, millions of people struggle with ending with bad habits.


Having healthy hair and nails

Engaging in healthy activities when you are stressed, bored, or uncomfortable

Finally being free from your bad habits

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Many people pull their hair, bite their nails, or do some other bad habit while they are watching television, driving, talking on the phone or when they are in a situation that makes them uncomfortable. Stress is huge trigger for bad habits, and no matter how much you tell yourself you’re not going to pull your hair, bite your nails, or eat food that you really don’t even want, you find yourself doing it.

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Hypnosis for bad habits works quickly to stop your unconscious desires to engage in your bad habits. By identifying what triggers your negative desire and then reprogramming how your subconscious views these negative behaviors, hypnosis is able to eliminate these behaviors and change how you deal with stress, boredom, or uncomfortable situations. We at the New York Hypnosis Center can teach your subconscious that the habit is bad and is something that you shouldn’t do. By doing this, your subconscious will no longer allow you to do the bad habit without thinking; it will make you aware of it and then divert your desire to something else.

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Hypnosis is a natural state that feel very much the same as when you ‘get lost’ in a book or a movie. Your mind becomes lost in the story line and you are highly focused. During hypnosis, your mind is focused inwards, and your hypnotist is able to reach deep into the subconscious to change your desire to engage in bad habits.

Hypnosis for bad habits is a safe, natural and fast way to eliminate your bad habits and be motivated to engage in healthy, positive activities instead. Hypnosis works within the subconscious to quickly change your minds desire to do the bad habit, and to stop you from doing them unconsciously. Your NYC Hypnotist can help you overcome your bad habits and give you more control over your actions.

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